Spirit Communication - Online Course

Learn how to communicate with many of the different Spiritual Realms. Includes a meditation at the end of the course to assist you to connecting to your own spirit team.

Spirit Communication - Online Course

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This course teaches you all about how to communicate with some of the various different Spiritual Realms, but like with any spiritual work we set up our space first (this information is covered more fully in the How To Do A Card Reading workshop). So in this workshop we will briefly go over setting up your space and protection, calling in your spiritual team, requesting information for yours and your clients highest good and greatest purpose, and how to receive the information coming to you from spirit (this information is covered more fully in The Psychic Development workshop). The different realms discussed in this workshop are as follows:

Deceased loved ones. These spirits are our friends and relatives, our loved ones who have died and have crossed over into the light. Now you can call it heaven, the afterlife, home, or whatever floats your boat, but these spirits have gone to where they are meant to be. Once you cross over you will again be connected to those who have died before you. When you connect with these spirits you generally get an overwhelming feeling of love and can feel uplifted for hours, days or even months after the event. These spirits have such a beautiful vibe to them. Now, when these spirits cross over they are not automatically enlightened, far from it. They are the same there as when you knew them here i.e. they have the same personalities and characteristics that had while they were alive, but now they can generally see the bigger picture. Usually when these spirits come through they will bring through messages of love or they may be asking for forgiveness. They may feel bad for how they treated you whilst they were alive or they may feel really guilty for focusing on the material world instead of on their family life, or a common reason I’ve found is because there is a family gathering and they still feel like they are a part of the family. But like I said, these spirits have gone to where they need to be and are in a good place where they can continue to learn, grow, and develop as a soul. Our deceased loved ones can be with us in a supportive way without interfering with our free will

Among your deceased loved ones who watch over you, you may also have your beloved pets. Your dogs, cats, horses, chickens, or whatever animal you deeply loved can stay with you after their physical passing. The love bond that you shared with your pets when they were living can keep them eternally by your side, long after death. It’s easy to discover which pet is with you, as your pet will have the same personality traits, appearance, and behaviours as they did whilst living. So if your pet was protective and loyal, or hyperactive and friendly, or quiet and calm, they will maintain these characteristics after their physical death.

I believe everyone has Spirit Guides that are with you throughout your entire life. We all have a main spirit guide; they are the one who was with you on the other side while you are planning this incarnation, they then stay with you during every moment of your life, from your birth right up to your death, and when your spirit returns home they are one of the first spirits you will see when you cross over. A guide is a being of light who has undertaken extensive training to become a spirit guide. Guides are your friends, and they are here to love, support, and encourage you. They assist and guide you towards fulfilling your higher purpose in this life. They are wise teachers who will often give you information through your intuition.

Animal Spirit Guides can come through as a teacher, healer, or messenger. They may be there to protect and guide us, or to help us with our lessons, but whatever the reason they are with you it is believed that the animal has chosen you, not the other way around.

Angels are beautiful beings of light who are completely aligned to service. The angels’ energy is of a higher frequency than your deceased loved ones and spirit guides and is filled with light and love. Angels have not lived a life on earth and due to this they are less earthbound in their thinking and are more centred in the pure consciousness of love. Angels are ego-less beings who bring love and light into every situation. Angels are not affiliated with any religion and anyone can call on them for love and assistance. Once you have asked the angels to help you the answers you receive are usually very subtle and come to you via the inner senses, synchronicities, coincidences, and strong repetitive ideas. Angels are all around us all the time and they love us unconditionally. They can assume the role of a divine coach and mentor, friend, and companion.

We all have a Guardian Angel who is the gatekeeper of your soul. Your guardian angel is with you during every minute of every day, and every incarnation we have as well as during the time spent back home in the afterlife. They never leave us, so we are never truly alone. They are our friends and companions, our teachers, and carers, and it is their job to protect and guide us throughout your souls entire journey.

Archangels radiate at a very high frequency, and they are here to oversee all the angels on earth. Anyone can call upon the Archangels for assistance. They are not affiliated with any particular religion and there is no formal process in invoking their help, and there are many Archangels you can call upon as they each have a different field of expertise.

The ascended masters are those who have walked the earth before us and were great spiritual teachers, healers, and prophets. It is said that they have completed and mastered the reincarnation cycle here on earth and have ascended. These beings have the choice to start a new cycle of experience in another dimension or realm, or to remain on earth as an ascended master to assist those of us still in the reincarnation cycle to also ascend. Some of these beings are quite well known, such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, and Quan Qin and others are not so well known but are still powerful beings in which we can call upon at any time.

There is also a meditation at the end of the course to assist you to connecting to your own spirit team. Video runs over 1 hour 17 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.


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