Psychic Readings, Past Life Regressions and Courses

Lynne uses a combination of skills when doing a psychic reading. She looks at your specific energy patterns, may connect with deceased loved ones, and always connects with her own Guides and Angels. 

Psychic Reading
When Lynne does a reading she works very much with the energy that is around you at the present time. In doing that she can advise of probable future results if you continue on that particular path. Lynne does not do fortune telling where she will just sit there and tell you what is going to happen in your life, your future is not set in concrete and you do have a say in what happens in your life. During the reading Lynne will use her Angel Cards which gives her a base-line of where your energies currently are. Psychometry can be used where Lynne will hold onto some of your jewellery, this helps her to connect with your energies. She will then ‘tune’ into your energies and advise you of what she is receiving.

Lynne also connects with her guides and angels and is able to bring through information that is aimed at empowering you and assisting you in reaching your highest potential. You can also ask about other people during a reading and if you like you can bring in a piece of their jewellery or a photo of that person or pet (yes Lynne can also read the energy of animals as well). Lynne is also qualified as a Medical Intuitive and will scan your aura if requested, this is more common during a healing session but can come up during a reading of you or someone you have inquired about.

Lynne also works as a medium, which means she can connect energetically with your deceased loved ones in spirit. Not only friends and relatives, but your precious pets as well. This information can come though as feelings or emotions, thoughts, sounds, physical sensations and pictures. This communication can help to facilitate a healing and assist with the grief and loss that is associated with the physical death of a loved one. Unfortunately Lynne cannot guarantee who will come through in a reading, but generally the person/persons who do, are the ones you really needed to connect with.

Interested in a 1-hour session with Lynne? 

Sessions start at: $140.00/per hour

Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regression Therapy enables a client to connect with their soul through meditation and deep relaxation techniques. You are in a dream like state but remain aware at all times. You may see scenes or different images, or you may sense, feel or just know what is happening. Why have regression therapy. Our soul is aware of and stores everything that we have experienced in this life, our past lives and our life between lives state. Sometimes we experience traumatic events or emotional upheavals that are too difficult to deal with so they get stored into our energy bodies.

Sometimes these past life memories show up in our current life causing a blockage in our energy system, they may resurface as a fear or phobia, depression, anxiety, illness, or pain and may hinder us from moving forward. Past Life Regression Therapy enables you to access these memories and experiences that are stored in your energy bodies. You can then gain an understanding of why you have certain fears, react to people a certain way, why you keep choosing the same type of partner, or why you have chronic pain.

During a session you may be guided to a memory in your current life, a past life or even the between lives state. You are guided to significant events to gain a higher understanding. Knowledge of experiences in a past life can be a catalyst toward healing. It can also provide insights, increased awareness and a deeper understanding of who we really are and why we are here.

You may benefit from a session if you suffer from any of the following conditions:-

Fears and Phobias / Emotional Issues / Anxiety / Health issues that are difficult to treat / Reoccurring Dreams / Guilt / Depression.

What happens in a session. Initially a client history will be taken to ensure we understand your health and well being issues and what you are hoping to gain from the session. All sessions are transcribed and a recording is made for you so that you can review it at any time in the future.

Interested in a 90-minute session with Lynne? 

Sessions start at: $210.00/per 90 minutes

Then $140.00/per one hour session thereafter

Psychic Parties

A Psychic Party happens when you get a group of people together; family, friends, work colleagues etc, and each of you will receive a half hour reading. Lynne will come to your place, and all you will need to provide is a small table and two chairs. We ask that these be set up away from the rest of the group so to provide privacy and a safe environment, as you never know what information will come through during a reading. These readings are done in the same manner as one on one readings as discussed above.

Interested in having a Psychic Party?

Sessions start at: $70/per person


Lynne runs the following workshops throughout the year. These workshops are done in small, intimate groups so you get plenty of one on one interaction with Lynne and you are able to ask any questions as they come up throughout the day.

Reiki Healing Workshops include Level I, Level II and Level III (Reiki Master/Teacher), Psychic Development, Spirit Communication, How to do a Card Reading, Ghosts and Entities, and Entity Removal and House Clearings. Most of these courses are now offered on-line.

Reiki Level I

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and receiving the Reiki Level I attunement is a major milestone in a persons life; from the time of the attunement ones life is forever changed. These changes are positive, and the Reiki Principles can help a person through the process of accelerated growth and new beginnings.

Once you have been initiated to Reiki, you become a channel for the universal life energy, and all you have to do is place your hands on yourself or others and the energy flows. This energy or Ki as it is also known, is all around us and is the vital essence of life itself. Ki is an electrical type of energy that creates the physical body and determines the state of health, or disease. When Ki leaves the body the physical body dies. Everything alive contains Ki and radiates it – it is the biomagnetic energy of the aura. Reiki can be used on anything; from people, plants, and pets, to crystals, cars, and computers. You name it – the list is endless and everything can benefit from Reiki, including sending it to mother earth.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $250.00 for a one-day workshop.

Or have a one-on-one day with Lynne. $500 for the day which includes lunch.

Reiki Level II
This is the next step in your healing journey and is for those people who want to take the healing to a deeper level. When you start to work with the Reiki Level II energies you are working beyond the physical plane and the 3rd dimensional illusions, to where there are no constrictions of time, space or distance. During level II you will be given symbols and mantras which are tools to assist in raising the vibrational healing energy. You will be able to work on a deeper level within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The major teaching of Reiki Level II is Distance Healing, that is doing Reiki for someone who is not physically present, someone you cannot put your hands on for the session. They may be in the next room, in a different state, or even in another country. Working with this level of healing opens up your psychic abilities and assists in your psychic growth. Reiki Level II primarily works on emotional and mental levels, whereas Reiki Level I is wonderful for healing the physical body.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $250.00 for a one-day workshop.

Or have a one-on-one day with Lynne. $500 for the day which includes lunch.

Reiki Level III

Reiki Master/Teacher – This is the level of the Reiki Teacher, and begins a new journey of knowledge and self mastery. In this workshop you are taught how to activate the spiritual energy of Reiki within an initiate by using a sacred process and by using sacred symbols – this is called an attunement. As a participant you will also receive further attunements to increasingly high vibrations and will be given more sacred symbols to work with. You do not have to become a teacher once you are a Reiki Master, some people use the master level just for their own personal growth, and some may just use it to attune their family and friends.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $550.00 for a one-day workshop.

Psychic Development

This workshop offers guidance in discovering your own psychic senses. We all have a dominant mode or combination of ways in which we receive psychic information i.e.. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairognizence and clairsentience. In this class you will find out what your dominant mode is and then learn how to tap into it. You will also learn about pendulums and how to use them, psychometry – the art of reading the energy imprint of objects, and you will learn how to perform psychic readings on others using angel cards, psychic tarot cards, or animal cards.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $250.00 for a one-day workshop.

Or have a one-on-one day with Lynne. $500 for the day which includes lunch.

Or check out our shop for the on-line version

Spirit Communication

In this workshop we will also discuss your psychic senses and do a quiz to determine which ones are your strongest. You will also learn how your guides, angels and your deceased loved ones communicate with you, and the difference between spirits who have crossed over and ghosts or earthbound souls. We do a meditations during the workshop to assist you in connecting with your spirit helpers, either a guide or angel. We also do readings on each other to assist you in tuning into your own psychic abilities, and we may even connect with our partners deceased loved ones.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $250.00 for a one-day workshop.

Or have a one-on-one day with Lynne. $500 for the day which includes lunch.

Or check out our shop for the on-line version

Entity Removal & House Clearing

Do you feel like your house is haunted? People generally don’t like to think that their house could actually be haunted and it’s generally a last resort to even consider such a possibility. But if your at that stage and still wondering what the hell is going on in your home, then here’s a few questions you can ask yourself. Is there a part of your home that feels oppressive, dark or sinister? Can you feel cold patches as you walk around your home? Do you ever hear footsteps walking around the house when you know that there is no one else at home?

Do doors bang or drawers open and shut for no apparent reason? Do you see people/things out of the corner of your eye and when you turn around there is nobody or nothing there? Are your children afraid, or are they seeing things they cannot explain? Has your health deteriorated since starting a job or moving to a new home? Have you been arguing with those close to you no apparent reason? Have you been feeling constantly negative, aggressive, angry, depressed or sad? Have you experienced any poltergeist activity? (Noises, inanimate objects being thrown, knocking, voices and even physical attacks such as pinching, biting and hitting by an unknown source)?

Sometimes spirits can become earthbound, or get stuck in a particular dimension (generally the fourth dimension or the astral plane) and they require assistance in being moved to where they need to be, which is back to the light, heaven, the afterlife or what ever you wish to call it. These spirits are generally known as ghosts, and they are not easy to live with as they tend to drain your energy.

Sometimes these spirits involved don’t want to move on and are happy staying in what they perceive as their space. In worse case scenarios this can attract negative entities, lost souls or even demons into your environment. Not all lost souls are negative though. Most of the time they are unaware that they have died and are in limbo, they may be very scared or confused as they are unable to communicate with those around them.

There are however methods that we can use to assist them in crossing over which not only benefits them but also those who have been living with them. So the good news is that you don’t have to put up with this intrusion any longer.

During this workshop Lynne will teach you about the various different energies and entities and then show you the methods she uses to assist in moving them on. She will also teach you how to clear the environment and how to set up protection around you and your space.

Interested in a one day workshop?

Sessions start at: $250.00 for a one-day workshop

Or have a one-on-one day with Lynne. $500 for the day which includes lunch

Or check out our shop for the on-line version