House Clearings & Spirit Removal

Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will effect the health and well being of all those who enter the space. People can also be targeted by negative energies or entities. All these energies can be removed and replaced with higher vibrational frequencies.

House Clearings

Just as we need to physically clean our home to keep away dust, allergens and mold etc, we also need to clear our homes and work environments energetically. Emotions, negativity and lower vibrations can build up in your environment. If a major negative event such as murder, suicide, sudden death, or acts of violence has happened in an environment, or even if the past tenants were depressed or emotionally unstable it can leave a residual energy.

This energy may keep replaying the event over and over again, and those who are sensitive, can pick up the emotions and negativity as if it were still happening. Sometimes the souls involved don’t want to move on and are happy staying in what they perceive as their space. In worse case scenarios this can attract negative entities, lost souls or even demons into your environment. Not all lost souls are negative though. Most of the time they are unaware that they have died and are in limbo, they may be very scared or confused as they are unable to communicate with those around them.

Some questions to ask about your environment would be:

  • Is there a part of your home that feels oppressive, dark or sinister?
  • Do you feel cold patches as you walk around your home?
  • Do you hear footsteps when no one else is around?
  • Do doors bang or drawers open and shut for no apparent reason?
  • Do you see people/things out of the corner of your eye? When you turn around there is nobody or nothing there?
  • Are your children afraid, or are they seeing things they cannot explain?
  • Has your health deteriorated since starting a job or moving to a new home?
  • Have you been arguing with those close to you no apparent reason?
  • Have you been feeling constantly negative, aggressive, angry, depressed or sad?

Have you experienced any poltergeist activity? (Noises, inanimate objects being thrown, knocking, voices and even physical attacks such as pinching, biting and hitting by an unknown source).

Your home or work environment can hold negative energies that will effect the health and well being of all those who enter the space. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with this intrusion any longer. A house/work environment clearing can remove negative energies and entities, and lost souls can be moved on. Every nook and cranny is cleared in every room. Once the environment has been cleared your home/office will be filled with luminous, uplifting energy. The environment is then protected and sealed, so the negative energies cannot return.

If a particular person is being targeted and is affected more than others in the home a personal clearing/healing can be performed on that person to remove any negative energies or entities. Once the clearing/healing is done the aura is sealed to protect the person from further attacks.

Interested in a House Clearing session with Lynne?

Sessions start at: $140.00/per hour

(Generally takes  between one and two hours depending on what is found)

Earthbound Spirits and Entities

Earthbound spirits, or more commonly known as ghosts, are deceased individuals who remain attached to the earthly realms after dying. When the body dies, the spirit of a person usually moves into the higher realms (via their astral body) to begin a new existence. These higher realms, also known as dimensions/densities, the afterlife, or heaven, is very close to our own physical dimension. Sadly, there are spirits who do not or will not cross into the light immediately upon death. These spirits are commonly referred to as “Earthbound Spirits.”

Earthbound spirits are individuals who either consciously decide not to cross over to the light, are not aware they have died, or are so traumatised by the death experience, they literally cannot see the light. They continue conscious awareness in their own little world and often linger in earthly locals where they once felt the most comfort and safety. They often have an agenda. You might encounter these spirits in a previously owned home, a place of business, an old battlefield, or even seen wandering around a property.

Some spirits don’t know they are dead. As hard as it is for us to understand this, it does happen. These spirits can be benign and harmless or very angry and attempt to lash out at the living. They will hang around until they are either found out and urged to cross over to the other side or shocked out of their dreamy existence and make the choice to cross over at that time.

Again, failing to make the natural transition at death can happen for any number of reasons:

  1. The death may have been sudden or traumatic causing a highly confused state.
  2. The Spirit exists in a dazed twilight condition and don’t know they are dead, such as those who died under the influence of drugs and alcohol, including those who have died post-surgery.
  3. They may feel rage at being robbed of life.
  4. Have a fear of how they will be treated on the other side if they were mean in life.
  5. They may have an emotional attachment to those left behind.  Some ghosts become stuck when they feel responsible to someone on earth, particularly a baby or child. Often a mother who dies in childbirth will be unable to leave their baby – the maternal instinct can be even more powerful than death – and the deceased mother will stay to watch over the baby until she is convinced that it will be OK. What these ghosts don’t realise is that they can still influence, comfort and protect as a Spirit on the other side.  Many earthbound spirits are not aware or choose to ignore guides and loved ones on the other side who have come to escort them across the veil (another term for entering the higher realms or crossing over). They instead, elect to continue on as before with their emotions and attitudes unchanged.
  6. They may suffer from massive guilt.
  7. They believe they have unfinished business.
  8. They need to get an important message to those left behind.
  9. There’s a refusal to acknowledge death.
  10. They want to attach to someone living to continue bad behaviour.  Drug addicts, sex addicts, gamblers and alcoholics can often get stuck – because their addictive mindset can be even stronger than death. Many souls come to the schoolhouse that is Earth to conquer addictions that have plagued them for many lifetimes. If they die before they heal, they will most likely carry the addiction into the next lifetime. Their earthbound spirits lurk around other addicts, actually invading their auric field so that they can experience a ghostly version of the high that they couldn’t resist in life.

How do you know whether you have an earthbound spirit in your energy field?

There are a number of symptoms that might point to the presence of an earthbound spirit in your aura.

  • Sudden mood changes such as anger, depression or fear.
  • Sudden thoughts that seem alien or inappropriate to your usual way of thinking.
  • Exhaustion, or being fatigued all the time.
  • Acute or Chronic illness unable to find any medical cause.
  • Rashes that appear and disappear with no clear reason.
  • Sudden chills and cold.

When you keep having the feeling that you have thoughts and feelings that do not really belong to you, it might be a good idea to investigate whether you have one or more earthbound spirits attached into your energy field.

Extraction is all about working with misplaced energy. If energy has been misplaced or is incompatible with your body it may cause illness. Misplaced energy can be caused by negative emotions such as anger, resentment or jealously to name a few. These energies can get stuck or stored in various parts of the physical body which can cause pain, disease or emotional difficulties. Or it could be the energy left over after a physical trauma. For example, if you are involved in an accident and break your leg, the energetic injury may remain once the physical counterpart has healed, causing a weakness in that area.

Another form of misplaced energy is caused by intrusive energies and entities. Intrusive energies generally implant themselves into a part of the body whereas an intrusive entity will attach itself within the central nervous system. Intrusive entities are earthbound spirits who have not moved on into the light.

Like the immune system protects the physical body your aura or energy system protects you spiritually. If your energy bodies become weakened it is easier for an entity to enter and take up residence. Weakness in your energy bodies can be caused by a major trauma (either physical or emotional), illness,surgery, grief and loss, continuous negative thoughts and drugs and alcohol. Once an entity has attached itself to you it can become entrapped in the body and is then unable to leave without assistance. Living with an attached entity is very unhealthy as the entity will drain the energy levels of the body. This can cause illness, mental health issues and a distraction away from your life’s purpose. These energies and entities can be removed via extraction. A process where you energy is scanned, energies and entities are then identified and extracted with the assistance of guides, power animals and crystals. Once extracted the void is filled with luminous energy to prevent any further invasion.

Interested in a Spirit Removal session with Lynne? 

Sessions start at: $140.00/per hour