Hypnotherapy / NLP / Life Coaching

Hypnotherapy is a natural human state, a type of mind-body medicine and is a true gift to humanity. 

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is an extraordinary effective means to change the way people deal with problems and find solutions.

Life Coaching is helping you to attain your highest vision of yourself.


Hypnotherapy has been used to treat disorders of mainly psychological or emotional origin and has been practised in various forms for thousands of years by many cultures including Druid, Celtic and Egyptian.

We can use Clinical Hypnotherapy in an extraordinary range of presenting challenges such as:

Allergies, Asthma, Depression, Drug Abuse, Anxiety, Improve Concentration and Confidence, Learning Disorders, Weight Control, Phobia’s, Pain Control for headaches and migraines, or used as an anaesthesia for any body area, Panic Attack, Post Traumatic Stress, Quit Smoking, Sexual Dysfunction, Sleep Disorders and  Tinnitus to name but a few.

The brain has different levels of consciousness, or awareness, ranging from fully alert to drowsy to fully asleep, with variations in between. Hypnotic states occur naturally and spontaneously every day of your life.

Some examples include:

  • Daydreaming.
  • Being absorbed in a pleasant task and losing track of time, such as reading a book.
  • Doing a mundane task (such as sweeping the floor) while thinking about something else, to the degree that you can’t actually remember performing the task.
  • Getting lulled into a dreamy state by boredom, for example, while waiting for a train.

Clinical hypnosis describes a range of naturally occurring states of altered awareness from momentary distractions or absences to enhanced states of relaxtion to very deep states of inward focus and awareness. Once the mind is in a relaxed state, any therapeutic suggestions can have great effect on attitudes, perceptions and behaviours and can be extremely powerful in effecting change. The way that this occurs isn’t fully understood. Some researchers believe that hypnosis promotes particular brain wave activity that allows the mind to take in and adopt new ideas, while others suggest that hypnosis accesses the ‘unconscious mind’, which is more open to new ideas than the rational ‘conscious mind’.

Unfortunately, most people associate hypnotherapy with stage shows and magic tricks, but it’s clear that there have always been serious applications for this little-understood science, and there is more evidence than ever that it is a safe and effective field of medical study.

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NLP - Neuro Lingustic Programming

NLP is the name for a set of mind tools originally developed in the 1970’s as an alternative psychology. NLP empowers, enables and teaches us to better understand the way our brain (neuro) processes the words we use (linguistic) and how that can impact on our past, present and future (programming). Basically, NLP is an effective means to change the way people deal with problems and find solutions to lift them from states of helplessness to empowerment. NLP is used to break phobia’s, change peoples perceptions, increase confidence, reduce and eliminate anxiety, end procrastination and enhance motivation, as well as countless other well-being related personal change areas.

NLP is founded on the idea that everyone operates by internal “maps” of the world that are formed from data received through the senses. These ‘maps’ or perceptions of the world are distorted, limited, and unique to each individual. There is a saying, “The map is not the territory,” and this highlights the differences between belief and reality. An individual’s map of the world can be auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, or kinesthetic. NLP practitioners believe this information differs individually in terms of quality and importance, and that each person processes experiences using a primary representational system (PRS). Therapists can detect this preference through language by identifying phrases used such as “I see your point” which may signal a visual PRS. Or ‘I hear what your saying’ which may signal an auditory PRS.

To work effectively the therapist must attempt to match that individual’s PRS to use their personal map. During a session, the therapist works with a person to understand their thinking, behaviours, emotional states, and aspirations then attempts to outline the person’s map of the world, along with their PRS. Once they have a foundation, they use a variety of techniques to change the way the person thinks, feels, or behaves in certain situations.

NLP practitioners believe it is possible to access representational systems using cues, such as eye movements. It points out that each person operates within their own perspective rather than from a place of objectivity. Therefore attempts are made to detect and modify these unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world to illicit changes that will effect the perception of that person’s thoughts and behaviour.

NLP therapists work with people to understand their thinking and behavioral patterns, emotional states, and aspirations. By examining a person’s ‘map’, the therapist can help them find and strengthen the skills that serve them best and assist them in developing new strategies to replace unproductive ones. This process can help individuals in therapy reach treatment goals. 

Supporters of NLP claim the approach produces fast, lasting results and improves understanding of cognitive and behavioral patterns. NLP also seeks to build effective communication between conscious and unconscious mental processes to help people increase creativity and problem-solving skills. 

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Life Coaching

Coaching is a relationship between two people, the coach and the client, and it is all about helping you – the client to attain your highest vision of yourself. A coach will assist you to overcome fear and self-doubt and support you in moving through any perceived obstaces. During a session a coach will help you set meaningful goals and will empower and motivate you to create changes so you can create a life on your own terms. It’s about closing the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.

A Life Coach can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles that are holding you back, and will come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. A  Life Coach will also help you to get clear about what is important in your life, assist you in determining where you are now and what direction to go in to achieve your highest goals. It’s also about discovering what is your prime motivation and what values you hold dear and how to use these to create an amazing furture for yourself.

It’s about taking control and not depending on anyone else for your goals and dreams to be fulfilled. It builds up your confidence so you feel more in control of the direction of your life and it will assist you in overcoming any challenges. But you are also held responsible for your own actions.

By creating these strategies, a Life Coach will target your unique skills and gifts. By helping you to make the most of your strengths, a Life Coach can provide the support you need to achieve long-lasting change.

Interested in a 1-hour session with Lynne?

Sessions start at:  $170/per hour