Psychic Development Online Course

Discover what your six psychic gifts are and how to tap into them to unleash your full psychic potential. In this workshop we will discuss energy and how energy creates the universe that is all around us. We then delve into revealing your psychic senses and show you ways to enhance and develop them so that you can use them on a day to day basis to improve enrich your life in many ways.

Psychic Development Online Course

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In this on-line course you will discover what your six psychic gifts are and how to tap into them to unleash your full psychic potential. First we will discuss energy and how energy creates the universe that is all around us, as to really understand and work with our psychic faculties, we need to have a basic understanding of energy. So, the first thing we need to know and understand is that everything is energy, all around us, every you see, and feel is a part of the universal energy field”. And basically, energy is information, and it moves with a speed and frequency. So what does that mean? Well it means that everything in the universe vibrates, and it vibrates at it’s own unique speed, and generally, the faster it goes the more subtle it becomes. We are all unique individuals and we have our own vibrational energy signature. All of life and everything around is made this way. The ground, the grass, the trees, the buildings, the sky, it’s all made up of particles, which is information, and that information vibrates at its own unique frequency. Now the vibration can slow down or speed up. Sometimes when it slows down it can become more dense and sometimes when it speeds up it can become lighter or even unseen to the physical eyes.

Developing your psychic faculties can help you on a day to day basis from everyday things to the more complex situations. They can assist with making any decisions, big or small, from what will I wear today to what career suits me, who should I marry or how can I handle this particular situation. You can ascertain if someone is lying to you, you can avoid traffic hazards and know the absolute best time to start a new project, just to name a few. And the more you use them the stronger they get. I liken it to building up your muscles. If you want to build up your muscles, you generally go to the gym and you do weights. Your muscles get bigger, stronger and more efficient. Same if you start  working on you psychic faculties, the more you use them the stronger they become, and just like muscles, we all have them. You have probably always used your psychic faculties but now are going to use them on a more conscious level, very exciting.

Clairvoyance – or clear seeing refers to the ability of a person to gain information about a person, place or object via their inner sight. The information may come through as colours, numbers, words, symbols, or objects, and the information may come through your physical eyes, or via you inner sight or third eye, which is located between the eyebrows. Most people when they think of clairvoyance visualise a gypsy peering into a crystal ball and seeing into the future. And although you can use crystals to help to develop your skills, you can not only see into the future but you can also tap into past events, you can see information about an object, connect with deceased loved ones, or use it to do Remote Viewing, which is the ability to describe a scene that is taking place outside the range of your normal perception. This skill has actually been used by the military, and some government agencies for decades to gain intelligence information on everything from distant activities and events to location of weapons stockpiles. I guess you could call this psychic spying.

Clairaudience – clear hearing, you can hear the sound with your physical ears, or you may hear it with your inner ears in your mind. Clairaudience can include hearing sounds such as music, or ringing in the ears, as well as voices, you may also hear unintelligible sounds, names, words or phrases. Sometimes you may notice the ringing just in one ear for a short period, or you may hear popping or buzzing sounds. When hearing voices they may sound like someone is standing right next to you talking to you (even when you are by yourself), or its inside your head. Sometimes when people hear voices they become concerned and fear they may be having a mental health problem, or fear they are just talking to themselves, as it is their own voice they can hear. You can always discern whether you are hearing psychic information, self-talk or wishful thinking by the information you are receiving. Psychic information or information from your guides and angels is loving, kind and helpful, and leaves you feeling good about yourself and others. It has a sense of being right for you, can be useful, valuable and fun. On the other hand, self-talk or mental problems are usually very negative in nature and generally leave you feeling bad about yourself or others. Always listen and discern whether the information is positive or negative in nature. You may also have the ability to channel by using your clairaudient skills. You may hear the words of a highly evolved spirit quite clearly and then be able to pass on those messages. Once again check the information that’s coming through as you could also be connected to a trickster or negative spirit.

Claircognizance – clear knowing, when you know something to be true and correct without knowing how you got that information. It is the knowing of something that may have happened in the past, present, or future, and many times you will just “know” the answer. You don’t know how you know; you just know. You may be unable to back up your knowledge with fact, or you may not know how you gained that certain information. And in this way you can be lucky, because the answers to the questions that you ask internally just suddenly appear, the information is randomly dropped into your head and you know without a doubt it is the truth. Claircognizance can come in the form of predictions or premonitions, a feeling of certainty or correctness. You may have knowledge of certain places, events, situations, or people without having received the information via a traditional manner. Those who have natural claircognizant abilities are generally logical, have busy minds, and enjoy thinking things out.

Clairsentience – clear feeling, when a person can sense others emotions, needs, or physical conditions. It’s similar to empathy, where a person who is clairsentient can experience deep emotions or physical symptoms from another as if it is their own, but the difference is clairsentients not only feel the other persons emotions and take this into their body, but they can also receive insights around these emotions, and you can feel all those responses from someone who is in the room with you or on the other side of the planet. Clairsentient’s can also sense energy in the atmosphere or may pick up on the ‘residual energies’ of people, places or animals and not be aware of it. For example sensing the atmosphere of a house as soon as you enter it. It may feel spooky or unfriendly, or you may just feel irritable, tense or afraid for no apparent reason. You may even suffer from a sudden headache, stomach ache or nausea. When you leave the premises those symptoms may disappear just as quickly as they came. The opposite is also true; if you enter a sacred space or a home where the family expresses a lot of love for one another you may feel light, happy, warmth or tingling sensations, calm and at peace. Clairsentience is an important skill to develop as it can offer protection. Have you ever met anyone for the first time and felt uneasy, sick in your stomach or tight in your chest even when that person is being very pleasant towards you. These may be warning signs. We all have that inner knowing, but how many times have you ignored the warning then regretted it later.

Clairgustance – clear tasting, this is when you can taste something that is not physically in your mouth. Like when you are doing a reading for someone and you suddenly taste apple pie in your mouth, and they tell you it reminds them of their nanna who used to bake the best apple pies in town. Clairgustance can also be helpful for medical intuitives as they can get a taste of a certain substance that may assist them when diagnosing and treating a patient. For example they could get the metallic taste of iron in their mouth if the client is iron deficient, or they may taste various substances that may be having adverse reactions with their client. Finding out this information can greatly assist with finding the best possible treatment and cure. I’ve also heard that clairgustance is also being used by psychics who work in forensics. By using these skills they are often able to find clues on how a person died, how they were kidnapped or even murdered.

Clairsalience – clear smelling, the ability to smell something that is not in the environment, and it is actually a lot more common than you think. Have you ever thought about a person, time in your life, or a place and then perceived scents that you associate with it, such as the smell of your deceased grandmothers favourite flower, or have you ever been able to smell tobacco smoke, looked around for the culprit only to find there is no one smoking anywhere near you, then you remember it’s the anniversary of your uncles death and he was quite a heavy smoker. You can also encounter smells that you would associate with a place of work such as the smell of cut timber from a timber mill, or detergent from a hospital. Your deceased loved ones will communicate with you in any way they can, this is the power of clairsalience, and spirit will use your memories of a smell that you associate with a person, place or time in your life to connect with you. Now you don’t always get nice smells such as freshly baked bread, perfume, flowers, chocolate or coffee, you may even encounter foul smells such as body odour, wet dog, faeces or rotting flesh, and having spent many years as a paranormal investigator, these smells, including sulphur, can be associated with malevolent hauntings.

Once you are aware of these abilities we will look at different ways to enhance and develop each one so that you can start to use these amazing gifts on a day to day basis. Being aware of how to tap into this energy you can then start asking your questions then receiving the information yourself, which is not only empowering but will enrich your life in many ways.

Video runs over 1 hour 50 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.


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