How to do a Card Reading - Online Course

Learn how to divine a Card Reading for yourself and others and connect with your guides to receive clear and accurate information.

How to do a Card Reading - Online Course

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This course is all about how to do a card reading on yourself and for other people. We will cover a variety of aspects during this course so at the end of the workshop you will have the confidence to use oracle cards and to tap into your own intuition to perform accurate psychic readings.

We start with looking at protection and how to set up your circle. This is extremely important as to do any spiritual work you need to create a safe environment. There are many beings out there, some are of a high vibration and are very happy to assist you and your client, and there are some who just don’t have your best interest at heart, these are known as the trickster spirits. You only want to have high vibrational beings in your circle when you are doing any of this kind of work as they will bring through information that is for everyones highest good and greatest purpose.

Calling in your Guides and Angels. We all have a beautiful team of spiritual helpers that are with us all the time, but to start working with them on a more concious level we need to ASK them for assistance. This is a really easy and simple process that can have a big difference not only with your readings but in your life in general.

Requesting information for your highest good and greatest purpose. Why would we bother with asking for that! Well we are all unique and complex individuals with a hell of a lot going on in our lives and generally you are only going to have about an hour with this person. So what kind of information do you want to bring through, something that is meaningful to them that may help them in moving forward, or just general surface stuff.

Receiving information. I believe we are all asking for information all the time. What career suits me, how should I handle this situation, should I date this person, should I buy this house, what food is good for me, the list goes on. But I think a lot of the time the information we do receive is either dismissed or lost because we don’t understand where it has come from or we haven’t been taught how to receive psychic information. First of all, a spirit doesn’t just appear in front of you and tell you everything you need to know. If only it were that easy. The information is given to you via your psychic faculties which run along your physical senses. So you may see, hear, feel, know, taste or smell. And just to make the receiving of information a little more tricky it generally comes through in bits and pieces, just a like a jigsaw puzzle and you are the one that has to put all the pieces together.

TRUST. This is a big one because if you don’t trust the information that’s coming through to you from spirit it is going to be extremely difficult to give yourself and other people an accurate reading. While doing a reading you need to trust everything that you see, feel, hear, know, taste and smell. Some people will say ‘well it just feels like it’s all in my imagination’, but I would say ‘well where else can spirit bring through all this information’? They have to give it to you somehow and that is why it is so important to trust. And while I will advocate for you to trust everything I would always caution you to go with what feels right. For example, if you get a thought pop into your head about your client getting a new job and you also feel really good at the same time then that is probably accurate information coming through indicating that you client is indeed about to start a new job. But, if you get that same thought about the client getting a new job but the feelings you get are negative, then maybe wait for more information to come through to so you can clarify exactly what the meaning of the message is. It may mean that your client is about to be made redundant at their current job but will get a new job over the next few months.

How to pick out a card deck. There are so many different types of oracle card decks out there such as Angels, Fairies, Ghosts, Astrology, Halloween, Past Life, Starseeds the list goes on. You can pick your new cards by what looks good, colours or themes etc. or you may just know which cards are right for you, you can even go with what feels right by holding the different card decks in your hands. I would suggest that you always go with the ones that really resonate with you, the ones that almost jump off the shelf to get your attention, they are the ones for you.

How to bless your cards. This is just a simple way to make the cards yours and for you to resonate with their energies.

How to do a reading for yourself. I always find it more difficult doing a reading for myself rather than for other people and the reason being is I am emotionally attached to the outcome. There are some techniques though that can help you to clearly read and understand the information that is being presented to you.

How to do a reading for others. This works the same way as ‘tuning into’ your own energy but we will also cover how to use crystals and psychometry during a reading to get more accurate results, how to clear your card deck and how to clearly interpret the cards and the different card spreads you can use. We will also go over some of the ways that spirit will bring though the messages and how you can pass on messages of a more sensitive nature to your clients.

How to close your circle and give thanks. This is a simple process of thanking your spirit team and any other beings of light you invited into your circle. This process is important as it closes your circle and also lets your spirit team know that you have finished for the day and no longer assist their services.

Video runs over 1 hour 3 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.

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  1. Jacky

    I have completed a couple of courses provided by Lynne and this was the best one yet. I truly felt when Lynne was demonstrating how to do readings it was directed at me. I loved the way how passionate and real the training was. I have walked away with more confidence and trust. Thank you Lynne for your guidance and light. A course well recommended. Looking forward to doing more courses with you.

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