Ghosts and Entities - Online Course

Learn all about the differences between ghosts and entities, how they can attach into our energy, and why they haunt our homes.

Ghosts and Entities - Online Course

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Earthbound spirits, or the more common term ghosts, are peope who have died and their spirit remains attached to the earthly realms. When the body dies the spirit of a person crosses over into the light to begin a new existence. The light is also known as a different dimension, the afterlife, or heaven, and is very close to our own physical dimension. Sadly, there are spirits who do not cross over for a many different reasons. They may be traumatised by the death experience, died under the influence of drugs/alcohol and may be dazed, unfinished business or could feel a strong emotional attachment to someone left behind, or they may want to continue with their bad behaviour such as drug addicts, alcoholics, and gamblers to name a few. They continue conscious awareness in their own little world and often linger in earthly locals where they once felt the most comfort and safety. You might encounter these spirits in a previously owned home, a place of business, hospital or a pub. Once here, the spirit generally needs assistance to get away from this plane of existence and to continue their soul growth in the higher dimensions. Some of these spirits can be benign or harmless, some are miserable or depressed, and some can even be very angry and attempt to lash out at the living.

Entities are conscious beings that have never had a human life, they do not have a physical body as they are etheric in nature. They live in the lower 4th dimension or the astral plane (also known as the middle world). They can be very small like bacteria or an insect, or they can be huge being meters high. They can also come in various shapes and sizes, they can look like an animal such as a dog or octopus, an insect like a spider or fly, or they may look like a worm or a snake, they may even show themselves in a human form, or they may appear as a mass of dark energy. The main thing these beings have in common is that they feed off of our energies i.e. they are parasitic. They seem to like the lower emotions of anger, fear, depression, lonliness, or grief to name a few, and they will do things to you to trigger that response in you. For example they can surround you in a heavy oppressive energy, this energy can block you from receiving the light that we all need to survive. Over time this energy becomes all-consuming and try as you might, you just can’t seem to get out of it. You become very depressed and lonely and the entity will feed of that energy. So in essence they are vampires, or a parasite where they are feeding directly off your energy. The problem with this is then you will not have enough energy to sustain your system. You become fatigued and drained, you lose all motivation and find it increasingly difficult to operate on a day to day level, and you can become very sick, and usually this is something the doctors have a hard time recognizing or diagnosing, and treatments seem to do absolutely nothing for you but make the situation worse. Most of them are generally not very intelligent and they look at us purely as a food source. On the other hand there are some extremely intelligent entities around that not only want to feed upon your energy, but they also like to cause chaos in your life and bring you harm. These beings are known as demons, shadow beings and the djinn and can be more difficult to remove. They will cause chaos in your life, ostracize you from your friends and family, drain all your energy and cause sickness, fatigue and in rare cases even death.

In this online workshop we will be discussing the differences between earthbound spirits/ghosts and entities. We will initially talk about the earthbound spirits, their consciousness awareness, where you can find them, and signs that an earthbound spirit is attached into your energy. Then we will look further into what is an entity, how do entities attach into our energies, places entities like to hang out, signs of an entity attachment, and the difference between entities and energies.

We will also cover what can you do to prevent energies and entities attaching into your energy or haunting your home.. Video runs over 1 hour 13 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.


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