Entity Removal, Spirit Releasement, and House Clearings - Online Course

Learn how to remove all negative energies and entities not only from a person but your home and office as well. You will need to have a strong connection with your own spirit team to be able to use the processes in this particular video.

Entity Removal, Spirit Releasement, and House Clearings - Online Course

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In the workshop titled ghosts and entities we discussed inΒ  detail the differences between earthbound spirits, or ghosts as they are also known and entities. Here we will touch on those differences again but this workshop is all about how to clear away all of these energies, how to move earthbound spirits into the light, and how extract and remove entities from people, or an environment. But lets start with the basics and look at the differences between negative energies and ghosts/entities. Negative energies are simply pockets of stuck energy. There is no intelligence there whatsoever. An example of a negative energy can include anger, fear, deprssion, loneliness, or grief to name a few. Here’s an example of what can happen. Say you have an argument with someone, you will release angry energy into your environment and it can look like a little blob just sitting there in the atmosphere. If you continue to argue in that area and you don’t regularly cleanse your environment then it tends to build up and over time you will feel that energy as soon as you walk into that space. You will probably feel very angry as soon as you enter but as soon as you leave that angry feeling dissipates just as quickly as it started. The same thing goes if you create a space for mediation or prayer, the energy also builds up over time but with this type of energy the space ends up feeling really good.

Earthbound spirits, or ghosts. These are people who have died and not yet crossed over into the light. Unfortunately, even if they are friendly in nature these spirits need our energies to survive, just like we require food and water. Like entities, earthbound spirits can live in your space or attach into your energy field and either way they will drain your energies.

An entity is a spirit being that has not had a human life. They can come in many different shapes and sizes and can quite often shape shift. Entities are parasitic, meaning they will feed off of our energies. Many entities have a low level of intelligence and to them we are basically a food source, but there are a few extremely intelligent entities out there that not only use you as a food source but will cause chaos in your life, isolate you from friends and family members, cause chronic and mental illness and try to physically harm you. Lucky there are not that many of these types of entities around.

If you have negative energies, earthbound spirits, or entities in your environment or attached into your energy system you may experience some of the following signs and symptoms: extremely tired, exhaustion, acute aches and pains, difficulties concentrating, extreme fluctuations in your moods and emotions, physical and mental health issues, feeling like you are being watched or touched, nightmares, seeing or hearing things other people cant, feeling blocked, unlucky or stuck just to name a few. Unfortunately the longer these spirits are around you the worse you will feel as spirit attachment has a huge negative impact not only on your environment, but on your energy field and the energies of those around you.

This course is all about how to remove energies, earthbound spirits and entities, not only from yourself but also your home and office environment. The processes used in this workshop vary depending on what type of energies you are dealing with. For example the earthbound spirits are moved on into the light, whereas the entities are sent to where ever they need to be for their own highest good and greatest purpose. The processes do remain the same though whether you are removing the energies from a person or an environment. At the end of the video we also look at some simple techniques on how to keep your energy and your enviroment protected and clear.

Please Note: You need to have a good connection with your own spirit team before attempting to complete the processes offered in this video. When you are removing earthbound spirits its good to be able to connect with their energies and communicate with them directly. Never tune into an entities energy, you always ask your guides as to what type of entiy you are dealing with!

Video runs over 1 hour 40 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.

2 reviews for Entity Removal, Spirit Releasement, and House Clearings – Online Course

  1. spencer

    Great online course! I love how in-depth Lynne goes to explain her teachings.

  2. Jennifer Calvert

    Lynne is an insightful and inspirational teacher. This is a wonderful course for anyone wanting to learn more about connecting with spirit, protection and moving spirit and entities from their space.
    I love the detail of the online video and also the detailed step by step process of the PDF.
    I highly recommend this online course & Lynne as a teacher on your spiritual journey.

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