Imaginary Friends

This picture probably shows us what most of our kids can see, when we see them talking to their “imaginary friends’.  My friend has a daughter who is 2 years old and who is constantly talking to her “imaginary friends”, playing games with them, sharing food and enjoying bath time together with them.  My friend never really thought much of it until she heard her daughter playing outside one afternoon.  While she listened to the one sided conversation it suddenly dawned on her that all of her daughters “imaginary friends” had the same names as all of her deceased relatives.  Hmm – what a coincidence.  In this particular conversation her daughter was talking to Colin, a partner of my friend who had died tragically on his motorbike many years before, and a great aunt who’s name was Martha.  What are the chances of picking these 2 names?  She also knows specific information about these people that she couldn’t possibly have found out without talking to them.  On other occasions she has mentioned my friends father and a dearly loved kitty cat, just to name a few of the many instances that have been happening lately.  I don’t doubt that my friends daughter can see and communicate with these family spirits,  and just because we can’t see them doesn’t make them any less real.  Many children today are a lot more sensitive to whats in and around their environment, and quite a few of them are being born with very special gifts.  I think its nice if we encourage  our children to nurture and develop these gifts, which is exactly what my friend is doing with her daughter and she is doing an amazing job.