Guardian Angel

There are many different ways to talk to your guardian angel. You can talk to them out loud or in your head as they can hear your thoughts. You can also write them a letter, light a candle, or pray with them.

What types of things can you ask your Guardian Angel?

Absolutely anything! Your Guardian Angel wants to help you with everything in your life, from the small and mundane to those big life changing situations. So ask them to help you with anything and everything. How does your Guardian Angel reply? You may see a sign such as a repetitive number, a feather, or a coin. You may hear a song on the radio, or someone may be talking to you and just give you the right information. You may get a sense in the pit of your stomach just what the answer is, or you may have information just drop into your head, a bright idea or flash of inspiration.

How Do Angels Help?

It is important to remember that your Guardian Angel is always watching over you and never leaves your side. If you are feeling troubled or in need of assistance, it is important to talk to your Guardian Angel and ask for help. A Guardian Angel is a beautiful spiritual being that is always with you and protecting you from harm.

They are the little voice that whispers in your ear when your feeling lost, and they are a light in the darkness. They love you unconditionally and they are easy to communicate with.

Your job is to start to talk to your Guardian Angel about anything and everything. Let them know you are aware of them and that you want them to be a bigger part of your life. Ask them lots of questions and then be open to the information your Guardian Angel sends your way.