Clairvoyance comes from the French, meaning “clear vision”.  It refers to the ability of a person to gain information about a person, object or location via their inner sight.  This information may come in the form of colours, symbols, objects, other people or spirits.  It may be seen in the minds eye or with the physical eyes.  Clairvoyance is connected to the third eye or the sixth chakra, located between the eyebrows.

Clairvoyance is not only used by psychics but by everyday people daily.  Some ways in which we experience clairvoyance are as follows:

Dreams – Many people have visitations from their deceased loved ones in their dreams.  It is in this state that we are more relaxed and open to receiving these kinds of messages.  Sometimes people can have prophetic dreams where they will see a future event, or receive information on a project or current event in their life.  Usually these dreams are in vivid colour and intense emotions are also felt.  When you awaken from the dream the experience tends to stay with you longer than an ordinary dream.

Sparks out of the corner of your eyes – This is a very common way we see spirits around us.  You can see the flash of light in your peripheral vision, and then when you turn your head to look at it it is no longer there.

Seeing signs – Finding a feather, a coin, a stopped clock, moved objects in your home, lights flickering are some of the ways spirits try to get your attention.

Seeing a vision – This is like a movie running in your head that provides you with information about a person or situation, or gives you guidance about your life purpose or in making changes in your life.

Photography Orbs – This is the newest way in which spirits are making their presence known to us.  They appear on photographs as “orbs of light”.