Clairsentience is ‘clear feeling’, when a person can sense what another person is feeling.  Also known as ‘empathy’, a person who is clairsentient can experience deep emotions or physical symptoms from another as if it is their own.

Clairsentients can also sense energy in the atmosphere or may pick up on the ‘residual energies’ of people, places or animals and not be aware of it.  For example sensing the atmosphere of a house as soon as you enter it.  It may feel spooky or unfriendly, or you may just feel irritable, tense or afraid for no apparent reason.  You may even suffer from a sudden headache, stomachache or nausea.  When you leave the premises those symptoms may disappear just as quickly as they came.   The opposite is also true; if you enter a sacred space or a home where the family expresses a lot of love for one another you may feel light, happy, warmth or tingling sensations, calm and at peace.

Clairsentience is an important skill to develop as it can offer protection.  Have you ever met anyone for the first time and felt uneasy, sick in your stomach or tight in your chest even when that person is being very pleasant towards you.  These may be warning signs.  We all have that inner knowing, but how many times have you ignored the warning then regretted it later.

Your sense of smell and taste can also be included in clairsentience, especially when contacting deceased loved ones.  Have you ever had the sense that your grandmother was around only to smell her favourite perfume shortly after?