Psychic Development Online Course


Learn all about your psychic senses and how to develop them to unleash your full psychic potential.


In this on-line course you will discover what your six psychic gifts are and how to tap into them to unleash your full psychic potential. First we will discuss energy and how energy creates the universe that is all around us. We then delve into revealing your six psychic senses which comprise of Clairvoyance - or clear seeing, Clairaudience - clear hearing, Claircognizance  - clear knowing, Clairsentience - clear feeling, Clairgustance - clear tasting and finally Clairsalience - clear smelling (yes your psychic senses run along your physical senses). Once you are aware of these abilities we will look at different ways to enhance and develop each one so that you can start to use these amazing gifts on a day to day basis. Being aware of how to tap into this energy you can then start asking your questions then receiving the information yourself, which is not only empowering but will enrich your life in many ways. Video runs over 1 hour 50 mins and includes an overview of the workshop as a PDF file.


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