What I Do

Lynne is a Modern Mystic who puts all her skills together to offer a holistic approach to healing and spiritual growth using her many modalities. Her psychic readings are unique where she reads the energy that is around you at the present time, reveals energy blocks in your system and assists in clearing those blockages to allow you to move forward in a more positive direction.  During an energy healing Lynne will combine many modalities to tailor the experience to suit your specific needs at the time. Lynne also offers her services as a paranormal investigator, where she can tune into your home to determine if you have any earthbound souls or entities, she can move on the lost souls into the light and clear away any entities or negative energies and replace them with high frequency vibrations, leaving your home feeling light and peaceful.

It’s a beautiful feeling to wake up each day and be totally immersed in your passion.  So what is my passion?  It’s helping YOU!  We all have that divine spark within us, and it is my job to help you access all that power that is held within you!

My Philosophy:

Lynne has  always had a keen interest in the supernatural, paranormal, death and dying, and the afterlife. Lynne believes that there is much more around us than we can perceive physically, and through this she has gained an insight into the workings of the energy that surrounds us all. She uses this insight as an integral part of her readings and healings.

My Methods

Lynne’s spiritual journey that led her into the healing of others began in 2000 when she completed a Reiki Level I workshop (energetic healing via hands on or distance healing).  Since that time Lynne has qualified as a Psychic Medium, Past Life Regression therapist,  Reiki Master, EDINA Energy Medicine Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Shaman, Australian Bush

Flower and White Light Essence Practitioner, and Paranormal Investigator.  She has also attended courses on Spiritual Psychology, Mediumship, and Aura Soma (colour therapy).

My Goals

My goal is to empower and enlighten you, and to remind you that you already have all the answers to every single one of your questions, and it is all held within you. Yes, it’s true, you have all the power of the universe inside of you, all you have to do to access that power is to TRUST your innate intuition.

Psychic Readings / Past Life Regressions

Lynne uses a combination of skills when doing a psychic reading. She looks at your specific energy patterns, may connect with deceased loved ones, and always connects with her own Guides and Angels. Lynne is also a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist.

Shamanic and Energy Healings

During a Healing session Lynne will channel her Guides and beautiful Angelic Beings, connects with Reiki and EDINA Energy Medicine and may incorporate the Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences or Crystals. Or she will take you on a wonderful Shamanic Journey.

House Clearings / Spirit Removal

Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will effect the health and well being of all those who enter the space. People can also be targeted by negative energies or entities.  All these energies can be removed and replaced with higher vibrational frequencies.

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