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Lynne is a mother of two, and nanna to her beautiful little granddaughter Sophia. She currently lives in Robina at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Lynne worked as an Intensive Care Paramedic for various Ambulance Services in Australia for 17 years. This has given her a sound knowledge of the physical body, disease states, illness and injuries and the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Lynne is currently working as Modern Mystic, Energy and Shamanic Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist and Paranormal Investigator. She also worked at a hospice caring for terminally ill patients and their families experiencing the End Of Life Journey.

Lynne has always had a keen interest in the supernatural, paranormal, death and dying and the Afterlife. Even as a child she never feared death and always had a strong sense of the Afterlife. She believes that there is much more around us than what we can perceive physically, and through this has gained insight into the workings of the energy around her which she now uses in her healing modalities. Lynne also believes that we are here on this planet to learn and to keep evolving as spirits. You’ve heard the saying, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.  Therefore there is no death, we just transition into a different form.

Lynne’s spiritual journey that led her into the healing of others began in 2000 when she completed a Reiki Level I workshop (energetic healing via hands on or distance). Since that time Lynne has qualified as a Psychic Medium, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Psychologist, EDINA Energy Medicine Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Shaman and Australian Bush Flower and White Light Essence Practitioner.  She has also trained with Shamans in Peru and Mystics in Greece.

Lynne now puts all her skills together to offer a holistic approach to healing and spiritual growth using her many modalities. Her psychic readings and healings are unique where she reads the energy that is around you at the present time, reveals energy blocks in your system and assists in clearing those blockages to allow you to move forward in a more positive direction. Lynne also offers her services as a paranormal investigator, where she can tune into your home to determine if you have any earthbound souls or entities, she can move on the lost souls into the light and clear away any entities or negative energies and replace them with luminous energy vibrations, leaving your home feeling light and peaceful.

Lynne is also the Author/Illustrator of Sophia and the Spirits which is based on her granddaughters many experiences with the spirit realms. Lynne wrote this unique children’s book to assist kids who are able to see and communicate with spirits and who may be confused with the different kinds of spirits that are around. It assists with determining the difference between the good spirits and the ‘not so good’ spirits and how to deal with them all. This can be very empowering. It can also assist the parents of these kids and give them some insight and understanding of what their child is going through and how to assist them on their journey. 


My work is my passion, and every day I am so grateful to wake up and have the opportunity to connect with spirit to assist people with their spiritual growth, and in moving forward in a more positive and uplifting direction.

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Address:  The Glades, Robina  

QLD,  4226

Phone:  0419416622

Business Hours:  Monday – Friday,  10:00am – 4:00pm

After Hours:  On request, please contact.

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